Military & Veterans Discount for Solar Panels

As a thank you for your sacrifice, we offer a military discount on solar panels for service members. Learn more below.

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Special Offer for Military Personnel and Veterans

As the #1 Premium-made solar company, Skyline Smart Energy is thankful for your service and would like to offer active duty service members, veterans and reserves special pricing to help them add solar power.

We’re offering $500 off a solar panel system or $1000 off if you decide to get battery storage with your system. In addition, qualified homeowners can take advantage of our $0 out-of-pocket, 100% financing to get their solar panels installed as soon as possible. The sooner you go solar, the more you can save.


Why Go Solar?

Gain independence from the clutches of big energy companies and rising electric bills with solar power. Residential power rates have risen almost 70 percent since 2001, while the cost of solar panels has dropped by 70 percent. Solar panels have never been more affordable or more efficient.

With a solar power system, your home could generate its own power for the 30-year life cycle of your solar panels. That means as rates go up for everyone else, they’ll remain the same or even go down for you.

Solar energy is reliable, renewable, green and clean. It also adds jobs to the local economy – jobs that cannot be outsourced. And by adding to domestic energy production, you are helping reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources.

Our special offer and $0 out-of-pocket, 100% financing combined with federal and local incentives makes now the best time to add solar.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar panels are made up of many small photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. The panels absorb sunlight and generate direct current (CD) energy and then convert it into alternating current (AC) energy with the help of an inverter. AC energy then flows through your home’s electrical panel and can be used to power your home. Any excess energy that your panels generate can be fed back into the electric grid.

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Instead of considering solar energy an expense, consider it an investment. The average American homeowner can start realizing a return on their investment in 6-8 years. And even better, these are tax-free returns, since they are savings, not income.

In the coming years, we all could be using solar power, whether we realize it or not, as big energy companies continue to invest in solar. This means that you may end up purchasing solar energy at a higher rate from the energy company, energy you could be generating and owning with solar panels on your roof instead. This also means that the time is right to invest in solar power for your home.

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